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The Forest

The calming sound of rustling leaves, the joyful chirping of birds, the air infused with an earthy forest aroma all come together to offer the ideal spa escape at Entim Sidai, a wellness spa nestled in the backdrop of a forest at the base of the Ngong Hills. Entim Sidai (Maasai name for Beautiful Forest) Sanctuary in Karen, sits on 20 acres of indigenous forest land with an iconic view of the Ngong hills. It maintains its Karen pioneer settler farm house built in 1924, park like ambiance with huge mature trees and prolific bird life. The sanctuary offers unique exclusive wellness spa, featuring hydro therapy and a sui generis nail studio in the forest. The treatments are an eclectic mix of the art from four continents and spiced by a well-trained Kenyan crew of therapists and beauticians.



Calm and relaxing

Creating feelings of relaxation and well-being, serenity, tranquility and peace!

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